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Baby Tea / BB 茶

喜寶有機草本BB茶 (無添加糖) 

天然草本植物製成茶包形式, 適合嬰幼兒流汗後補充水份或進食固體食物後飲用精選香草成分, 味道清新容易入口。宥機原材料, 通過歐盟有機認證及喜寶認證。

Organic Baby Tea (sugar free)

HiPP Organic Baby Tea in Bags are suitable for babies after sweating or after starting with weaning food. HiPP Organic Teas in Bags are made with carefully selected herbs, taste good and are easily tolerated. The ingredients come from organic production. This is guaranteed by the EU and the HiPP Organic Seal. 

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