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HiPP Organic Combiotics HMP Formula Milk

The formula contains HMP (Human Milk Probiotics) that were originally derived from breast milk. Latest scientific findings from breast milk research proves that HMP helps strengthening upper respiratory tract by 72%^ & strengthening intestinal immune system by 71%^^.

With 120 years of expertise, HiPP Organic Seal stands for our longstanding experience in processing organic raw materials and guarantees the best organic quality for your baby. The actual nutrition in HiPP’s formula have fulfilled the requirement of Hong Kong, WHO and EU standards, and provided all the nutrients required for healthy development.

Strictly controlled:

– Very strict quality controls from the raw materials right up to the finished product (up to 500 controls).

– Our HiPP laboratory can check for over 1200 residues

– Highest possible safety and extraordinary quality

Hong Kong Leading Constant Temperature Transportation 
HMP is an active ingredient which requires precise temperature control in transportation. To optimize the efficacy of HMP, temperature is strictly controlled in every stage from manufacturing, storage, packaging to delivering. At the same time, other active nutrients are not affected by the fluctuation of temperature and humidity. HiPP adopt auto-monitoring system to oversee the temperature and ensure the good quality of our product in the whole process.

Organic means saying YES to:

– Organic farming in harmony with nature

– Preservation and promotion of biodiversity

– Respectful treatment of livestock

– Climate protection

Organic means saying NO to:

– Genetic engineering

– Chemically synthesised pesticides and insecticides

– Artificial fertilizer

– Use of growth hormones in livestock

– Prophylactic use of antibiotics

 HiPP ORGANIC COMBIOTIC® HMP Follow-on Formula (Stage 2)
• HiPP Organic seal: strictest control for the best organic quality and maximum product safety
• HMP (Human Milk Probiotics): Support baby’s immune system
• GOS: support healthy intestinal flora
• Vitamin C and D: important for healthy immune system
• Iron: for cognitive development
• DHA and ALA: for visual, brain and nerve tissue development

Skimmed milk*, lactose*, vegetable oils* (palm oil❤, rapeseed oil*, sunflower oil*), galacto-oligosaccharides* from lactose*, fish oil1, vitamin C, potassium citrate, calcium carbonate, calcium salts of orthophosphoric acid, calcium chloride, sodium citrate, magnesium carbonate, L-tryptophan, ferrous sulphate, stabiliser lactic acid, vitamin E, natural lactic acid culture (Lactobacillus fermentum hereditum®️2), zinc oxide, niacin, pantothenic acid, cupric sulphate, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, potassium iodate, folic acid, vitamin B12, sodium selenate, manganese sulphate, D-biotin, vitamin D, vitamin K.

Product Usage
1. Boil fresh drinking-water and leave it to cool down to approx. 40-50 °C*.
2. Pour 2/3 of the prepared water into the feeding bottle.
3. Fill the measuring spoon loosely and level with the back of a knife. Put the recommended amount of powder into the feeding bottle.
4. Close bottle and shake.
5. Add the remaining water and again shake several times.
6. Cool down to drinking temperature(approx. 37 °C). Check temperature.

Feeding Age:from 6 months
Net Weight: 350g (Per Can)
Country of Origin: Germany

*from organic production 1 contains DHA (as required by the legislation for all infant formula).
2Lactobacillus fermentum CECT5716
❤organic palm oil from sustainable farming, certified by independent control authorities.
^Maldonado J et al. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr 2012; 54(1): 55–61
^^Gil-Campos M et al. Pharmacol Res 2012; 65(2): 231–238

Additional information

Additional information

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  1. Anonymous

    買細罐比BB試下轉奶粉, 覺得BB胃口好左,便便都靚,可能有益生菌有用。

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  3. Anonymous

    買細罐比BB試下轉奶粉, 覺得BB胃口好左,便便都靚,可能有益生菌有用。

  4. Jen

    細細罐 補奶用幾好

  5. Anonymous

    BB飲左多左便便 味道唔甜,味道似母乳

  6. Connie Yan

    細細罐 唔洗擺好耐 比之前方便 如果有獨立包裝會更好

  7. Joy Chan

    BB飲左多左便便 味道唔甜 追返生長線

  8. jessica lam

    Good , taste like breast milk, not too sweet

  9. Coco Cheung

    BB經常2-3日一次便便 轉左喜寶 日日都有便便 細細罐 唔怕擺得耐 少左益生菌

  10. Yoyo

    舊款包裝 新款奶粉 細細罐 方便補奶

  11. Yauce

    見到留言先知係細匙 特登買一罐

  12. Anonymous

    為了舊勺而買 呢款勺好用好多 方便沖奶

  13. Anonymous

    超驚喜 新包裝奶粉但係用以前個款舊匙 用唔慣新匙的媽媽可以買

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