HiPP Advent Calendar (Brand New)


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HiPP Advent Calendar

Want to have a Christmas month full of surprises with your baby? The 2023 Advent Calendar is designed with 12 drawers, featuring a variety of HiPP’s flagship products. It includes surprise gifts, organic skincare products, organic baby food and drinks, packed with different surprises. It’s the perfect choice for giving your baby their first Christmas gift!

Products in advent calendar:

  1. HiPP skincare travel set x 1set
    (HiPP Baby Oil 20ml, HiPP Milk Lotion (Upgraded Formula) & HiPP Shampoo & Body Wash)
  2. HiPP Milk Lotion 350ml (Upgraded Formula) x 1 pc
  3. HiPP 3 Organic HMP Milk trial package x 1 pc
  4. HiPP Organic Baby’s first Apple (125 g) x 1 jar
  5. HiPP Organic Mixed Vegetables (125 g) x 1jar
  6. Organic HiPPiS (100g) x 1 pouch
  7. HiPP Organic Fruit Bar (Mixed Flavours) x 2 pcs
  8. HiPP Organic Mild Apple Juice in Still Water x 2 pcs
  9. HiPP Baby Sweat Towel Rabbit x 1 pc
  10. HiPP Ice Mould x 2pcs
  11. HiPP surprise gift x 3pcs
  12. HiPP HKTVMALL $100 coupon x 1 pc
  13. HiPP official online store organic gift set 30% off coupon x 1 pc

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