【SMART GREEN】HiPP Organic Baby Biscuit (150g) (Best Before: 31/03/2023)


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HiPP Organic Baby Biscuit

HiPP Baby Biscuit are particularly adapted to the baby’s needs – enriched with vitamin B1. HiPP Baby Biscuit can be fed from the 6th month as a pap. From the 8th month, Baby Biscuit are suitable for being nibbled between meals.

Preparation of a pap from HiPP Baby Biscuit:

Crumble 2-3 Baby Bisuit into a bowl, pour into approximately 3-4 tablespoonfuls of follow-on formula, boiled milk + water or fruit juice and let it stand for a short period. If you prepare the pap with milk, you could also choose to add some teaspoonfuls of HiPP Fruits. For older children adapt the quantity of the portion accordingly (about 6 biscuits).


Wheat flour*, sugar*, wheat starch*, vegetable oils*, skimmed milk powder*, baking agent potassium, hydrogen carbonate, bourbon vanilla extract, vitamin B1

Feeding Age: From 6th month
Net Weight (g): 150 (per box)
Country of Origin: Switzerland

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