【SMART GREEN】HiPP Organic Cereal Flake 7-Grain (200g) (Best Before: 30/04/2023)


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HiPP Organic Cereal Flake 7-Grain

Made of chosen organic ingredients, it can be prepared particularly well with HiPP Growing-up milk. The growing-up milk contains the precious growth components – iron, iodine, zinc and essential vitamins in the amounts as toddlers aged 1-3 years requires.
Your children need energy for a good start to the day. HiPP Organic Cereals contain valuable, strictly controlled organic ingredients that perfectly meet your children’s nutritional needs.
•No added sugar
•No added flavouring
•No added colouring agents^ or preservatives^
•Vitamin B1^– Supports the nervous system
•Contains gluten
^ Required by law


95% 7-grain cereal mix* (wholemeal oat flakes*, wholemeal wheat flakes*, crispy balls* (wholemeal wheat flour*, wheat flour*), wholemeal wheat flour*, wholemeal barley flour*, wholemeal oat flour*, corn flour*, wholemeal spelt flour* (wheat*), wholemeal rye flour*, wholemeal millet flour*), 5% banana flakes*, vitamin B1
* From organic production

Feeding age

From the 10th month

Net weighting

200g (per pcs)

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Additional information

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