HiPP Organic Milk Pap – Good Night Oat Apple (250g) (Best Before: 31/7/2024)


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HiPP Organic Milk Pap – Oat Apple

HiPP organic milk paps contain selected, easily digestible organic cereals and age-appropriate follow-on milk that perfectly meet your children’s nutritional needs.

•No added sugar
•No added flavouring
•No added colouring agents^ or preservatives^
•Vitamin B1^– Supports the nervous system
•Vitamin A, vitamin C and Zinc – Support immune system
•Calcium & vitamin D –Support bone development
•Iodine – Important for thyroid function
•Omega-3 fatty acid (ALA) – Supports brain and nerve tissue development
•Contains gluten
•Contains milk
^ Required by law


40% follow-on milk* (whey product*, skimmed milk powder*,
vegetable oils* (palm oil*, rapeseed oil*, sunflower oil*), corn flour*, vitamin C, ferrous sulphate, zinc sulphate, vitamin E, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B1, vitamin A, vitamin B6, potassium iodate, vitamin B2, folic acid, vitamin K, sodium selenate, copper sulphate, vitamin D, biotin), cereal flakes* (13% wholemeal oat flour*, wholemeal wheat flour*, wheat semolina*), whey product*, 8% apple juice concentrate* low in acid, skimmed milk powder*, apple extract, calcium carbonate,
vitamin B1, vitamin A, vitamin D
* From organic production

Feeding Age: From the 6th month
Net Weight: 250g (per pcs)

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