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FAQ | 常見問題

HiPP products which are sold in Hong Kong/Macau, where are they manufactured?

HiPP has no additional manufacturing site located outside of Europe that would be responsible for the supply of products sold in a specific geographical area. All HiPP products are manufactured by HiPP’s own production sites following strict examinations and controls by independent supervisory institutions and according to highest standards in organic production above even the EU Organic Standards. For more transparency to consumers, source of production and manufacturer information can be found on each product’s packaging.


Have any formulae or ingredients of HiPP products in Hong Kong/Macau been changed to adjust to the local market?

No. All products available in Hong Kong/Macau through our eShop or official channels are the same formulae, of same ingredients and of the same high quality as HiPP products available in Germany.


How are probiotics in the product preserved during transportation?

It is commonly known that probiotic bacteria are fragile and must be protected from excess heat and humidity in order to preserve their effectiveness. In order to prevent losses of the bacteria and its full benefits, HiPP products are stored and transported in temperature- and humidity-controlled conditions on their way to Hong Kong and Macau.


Seeing different versions of HiPP products in the market (e.g. German packaging, English packaging, Chinese labels, etc), how do they differ from each other?

Product versions, other than depicted in our official EShop and available through our official distribution channels, are likely to be unofficially imported. Other than the official HiPP products in Hong Kong & Macau, these unofficial products do not carry the HiPP Guarantee due to unauthorized distribution, might not follow the same recipe as in Germany nor meet local regulations. Furthermore, storage and transport conditions of such products are unknown and original quality (such as the preservation of probiotics in the milk formula) can therefore be not guaranteed.

Officially distributed HiPP products in Hong Kong and Macau can be recognized by our “Official Guarantee” attached on each product as following:

gl-label.jpg  gl-label-aimee.jpg

A full list of our official distribution channels can also be found here.


Where can I buy HiPP products in Hong Kong/Macau?

HiPP products are currently available online through our eShop or in local stores of our official distributors including Mannings, Watsons, YATA, Park’n’Shop, Marketplace, Wellcome, etc.

Please click here to view the full list.