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嬰幼兒配方奶粉 / Infant Milk Formula

 HiPP喜寶有機雙益配方奶粉 建基於對母乳研究的新知識上

  • 益生膳食纖維(GOS*) :幫助腸道內益菌生長
  • 天然的乳酸菌群: 有助維持腸道健康
  • 奧米加-3 脂肪酸: 人體必需的脂肪酸, 有助腦部發育

Building on new knowledge from breast milk research, HiPP’s nutritional scientists

  • have developed a new generation of milk formulae, HiPP Organic Combiotic®
  • prebiotic dietary fibres (GOS*): support healthy intestinal flora
  • natural lactic acid cultures: for intestinal health
  • omega-3 fatty acids: essential fatty acids, needed for brain and nerve cells