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果汁 / Juice


  • 以100%自然成熟的水果製成,含豐富維他命C,低酸度
  • 以嚴謹的有機耕作方式種植:不施加人工化肥或殺蟲劑。無添加糖分或香料,味道仍然濃郁香甜
  • 豐富維他命C,促進身體吸收來自蔬菜和穀物的鐵質
  • 比起縱使是自家製但使用市面上未熟已被摘下的水果所製成的果汁有更多維他命和營養

HiPP Organic Juice:

  • 100% made ​​of natural ripe fruit, rich in vitamin C, low acidity
  • In accordance with strict organic farming methods planting: without applying artificial fertilizers or pesticides. Even without added sugar or fragrance, taste is still rich and sweet
  • Rich in vitamin C that can promote iron absorption from vegetables and grains
  • More vitamins and nutrients compared to even a home-made juice by unripe fruits