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唧唧裝果蓉 / Pouch


  • 100%有機自然成熟的水果製成的果蓉,含豐富維他命C,可以增強寶寶的抵抗力
  • 水果有足夠的時間成熟,俱完整的天然水果味道,亦比未熟已被摘下的水果有更多維他命和營養
  • 不添加香料或糖分的同時,亦無農藥、無基因改造
  • 輕巧易攜,寶寶小手拿著進食,既乾淨衞生

Organic Pouch:

  • From 100% organic natural ripe fruit, rich in vitamin C, can enhance the baby's immunity
  • Fruits have enough time to mature, having natural fruit flavors, also have more vitamins and nutrients than being picked unripe fruit
  • No added fragrance or sugar, no pesticides, and GMO-free
  • Handy and portable, clean and sanitary